About Bett

It was my grandmother who inspired the joy of creating with my hands. I love to experiment with color and design. Many years ago a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts rekindled my artistic love, such visits continue to inspire me to this very day.  Moving from coast to coast, I found artistic outlets at various art schools with painting and even fabric design. I studied at Parsons School of Design, the Art Students, and the Northwest College of Art.

A Passion for Knitting

The arrival of grandchildren revived my knitting fever, creating fun and colorful sweaters for the little ones. These days I concentrate on making scarves. Yarn today is amazingly rich and unique. Using all the finest imported fibers, exciting colors and wide variety of stitches within each project is enormously satisfying.

A Love for Watercolor

I began to study watercolor with Caesar Cirigliano, a NYC and CT artist. Taking evening classes at the Art Students’ League was exciting and I was fortunate to study with Mario Cooper, a renowned artist and then president of the American Watercolor Society. After a move to Portland, OR, I continued watercolor painting with evening classes at the Northwest College of Art. Recently after some time in hibernation, my love for watercolor painting was rejuvenated by classes at the Cape Cod Art Association. Paintings that were stored in my head have come back to life. Today, I continue to develop my own personal style attending classes, exhibits, painting en plein air stimulated by my garden, my photography and the incredible visas of the Cape.